Earn while you learn TRAIN TO TEACH REGISTER Unlike a full-time PGCE course, you will earn a competitive salary which is yours to do with as you wish. Gain valuable
classroom experience.

Trainee teachers

Enrolling on our programme offers a world of opportunity to enhance your career and become a qualified teacher. We will help you gain valuable experience working in an educational setting before helping you work towards a PGCE with QTS while being paid. Our paid route into teaching removes a major stumbling block for many prospective teachers who could find the cost of training and the loss of income as a barrier to them entering the profession.

We have strong relationships with schools nationwide since we are part of one of the UK’s largest education recruitment & training organisations. We have 17 offices across the UK alone which means we can help you find a school across many regions.

In partnership with our schools and university providers, we offer each trainee teacher the best mix of practical and theory-based training available today. By training with ourselves, you will be in the strongest position to begin your career wherever in the UK or internationally that you wish to teach.

What are the benefits of our programme?

Earn while you learn

Unlike a year of a PGCE you will earn a competitive salary and be comfortable in the knowledge that your salary is yours to do what you wish.

Flexible start date

If you have school-based experience already we can provide you access to the next intake. If you are a career changer or graduate, we provide you with valuable school-based experience prior to starting your PGCE with QTS in September, January or April.

Classroom experience

Most of your time will be spent in a classroom where you will gain priceless practical experience; preparing you for your career as a teacher.

First-class training

You will gain first-class teacher training with a leading university. At the end of the programme, you will achieve PGCE with QTS.

"In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn." PHIL COLLINS "One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world." MALALA YOUSAFZAI “Good teaching is 1/4 preparation and 3/4 theatre”  GAIL GODWIN


Do I need experience?

No, but you do need loads of passion for education and a zest for life! Oh, and as you’ll get a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) then you’ll need a relevant degree too. We will give you all the relevant experience you need to allow you to start off your career on the best possible footing.

What is the recruitment process?

The recruitment process is designed to ensure you are the best fit for a school. It will encompass rigorous vetting by us in line with legal requirements and a competency-based interview before you are put forward to a school. The school may also interview you. There will also be a representative from the University Liaison Team who will speak with you too before you commence the programme.

At the end of your first year, you will also be required to attend an interview with the University ITE provider to be accepted on the PGCE course, however, you will have supporting evidence from your host school and ourselves to ensure this process is smooth.

When do I have to be available?

You will be required to work throughout term time in order to qualify for your PGCE. There will also be an expectation to be available for training, which may be outside term time, however, these dates will be given with plenty of notice.

Will I only work in one school?

The majority of your work will be in the same school, however, you will be expected to work for up to 6 weeks in a second school (within 50 miles of your host school) as part of your PGCE placement, to expose you to another working environment/year group. It is an absolute condition of acceptance onto this programme that you are able to attend this alternative school placement.

Can I do it part time?

Unfortunately, this position is only available to full-time candidates, due to the time commitment needed to complete all relevant training.

What happens at the end?

You will be awarded a PGCE with QTS and will be ready to start your career. Hopefully, you will secure a role in your host school, or we can work with you to secure a permanent/temporary position.

Starting salaries range from £24,373 up to £30,480.

What happens next?

Send your CV and covering letter describing your interest in education.

After interviewing you, if you are successful, we will match you to a suitable school. The school will probably want to interview you as well unless a school has recommended you to us.

We will also perform our statutory checks on you, including a DBS and references. Once this has been done, we will arrange a start date for you and enrol you as an associate student at the university.

Start your teaching career & get paid to qualify