The Teacher Training Partnership (TTTP) is a quality led solution to the very real teacher recruitment crisis. A 2-year programme training high calibre and committed graduates, taking them from TA to QTS. Your TAs will benefit from industry leading training and can be shaped to match your school ethos.

The below are just some of the benefits to working with TTTP:

Cost effective training

At a low daily rate fixed for the duration of 2 years, you get a TA, trainee teacher and qualified teacher all in one package.

Shape your own

The TA’s will be working in your school full time for 2 years. This is an excellent opportunity to shape their teaching philosophy to match your school ethos.

Increase retention

Recruitment and retention can be resolved as TAs can be offered a role at the end of the programme. By then you know if they’re a suitable fit for your school.

Decision making

Make a decision over a longer period of time. Use the first year to decide whether the candidates is suitable for your schools, with no commitment.

TTTP can help shape your future teachers as they progress towards QTS, allowing you to develop a pipeline of talent and retain them to create more stability in your school.

If you would like to get more information, call: 0148 450 4075 or email: today.